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The Bagel caffe I designed “Bagel Mercato”

My Boyfriend Stefano whom I like to refer to as the Bagel king of Brooklyn hired me (of course) to design his second bagel store “Bagel Mercato” located in Staten Island @ 70 Bay Street. We worked together on the design and in the end realized we work well together. Stefano was a great client, he was prepapred with inspiration images and locations to visit of spaces he liked. The concept of the store is that it is a caffe specializing in gourmet hand rolled bagels but as well a market place for italian specialty products. There are two counters, one for the food and one for cofee and deserts.

Here are some photo’s of the store upon it’s first week of opening.
This is the facade, In efforts to be cost conservative I urged that the facade be kept and painted to look new. To give the storefront a fresh look I added the lovely striped scalloped awning and designed the decals and logo on the glass.

This is a shot of the interior where you can see the two counters and product. I added antique mirror on the back wall so as the employees are preparing food they can always be aware of their customers.

Please enjoy the rest of the interior images and dont hesitate to visit my website ninaferrer.net for more current projects. Enjoy

Hope you enjoyed the photos,to see more photo’s of this project and others visit my website at ninaferrer.net

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